About Us

All Camp Equipment Shop (ACES) aims to promote people to enjoy Canada’s outdoor nature with our products and services. We aim to do so by bringing cost efficient, yet quality, team-tested camping gear to outdoor lovers across Canada.

We also offer services to instill confidence and reduce any uncertainties through our services.




Meet Victor


Founder, adventure enthusiast, and lover of the outdoors. Always striving to enhance ones experience on trips by creating lasting memories. After a trip is done, a plan for the next one is immediately in the works.

After a seven day solo trip in Algonquin that went terribly wrong, he quickly realized how unprepared he was despite putting every effort not to be. Lack of preparations transformed, what was suppose to be seven days of tranquility into a nightmare. No food and fire for four days, sunburnt, and a banquet for bugs…. A declaration of the highest degree was made to be outfitted properly for the next trip.


Meet Madhav

I am a nature and outdoor enthusiast. Whenever I get an opportunity, a weekend or a holiday I like spending it hiking and visiting natural spaces in and around Toronto with my dog Saanj, friends and family. I have been canoeing and camping for 2 years. It is an ever evolving interaction and journey of learning, unlearning, relearning and strengthening my bushcraft skills. Each time offering new circumstances and challenges, bringing humbling, joyful content experiences - presenting beauty,solitude,silence, vastness and rejuvenation we all can live by respectfully and responsibly treading the paths not taken and trails not yet explored. That is how we three friends came up with this idea of opening a quality and affordable camping equipment store, ACES. Bringing each one of us closer to mother nature, friends and family…one step…one moment at a time.  


Meet Peter

Entrepreneur, traveler, nature lover and investor in renewables. Lives by the motto “Work hard, then relax.” And what better way to relax than to travel and explore the beautiful Canadian nature.
It was during one of my backcountry camping trip that I had an epiphany – a realization that to genuinely enjoy nature, not only do you have to leave the city and go outdoors, but that we also need to protect our environment. In my free time, I aim to spread awareness of climate change and sustainable, green living.